After many years of contemplation and encouragement we have, as a group, come to realize the current Dexter registries are not giving us our money's worth.  And we are all left wanting more.., more member interaction, more marketing strategies, more support and comradery.  The overload of political and personnel drama throughout the Dexter community fails to help anyone interested in becoming Dexter owners and worse yet, fails current owners by not affording them the opportunities this Club hopes to offer. Comradery, support, marketing assistance, education and the ongoing support of youth and future owners of the breed can only help the future success of all Dexter owners.  We hope you join us in this journey and adventure. We have a FB group - Dexter Cattle Club of Tennessee where only paid members can partake in the daily discussions which include brainstorming sale strategies as well as general cow education and always support for all. Hope you join us!
  • This Club was established on March 09, 2017
  • Made up of new and long term Dexter Owners
  • Dexters are the stars in our Organization
  •  Regional and Out of State Representives to help all Members' needs
  • Based in Tennessee - Open to all U.S. residents
  • No politics - just simply for the good of the Dexter Breed
  • Clinics, Seminars and other Marketing Opportunities for all Members
  • Encouragement and Incentives for Youth Participants

​Our By-Laws

Club By-Laws
​Dexter Cattle Club of Tennessee
-​Inaugural Meeting!  March 11, 2017

​Snow, Sleet and Freezing Temperatures didn't discourage these inaugural members from making the trip to Nashville for the first meeing of the Club hosted by Dr. Browning and Tennessee State University.